SeaWorld Spooktacular 2012

SeaWorld’s Spooktacular ends with two 3-day weekend celebrations this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (October 19, 20, and 21) and wraps up the last weekend of October (26, 27, 28). All festivities are from noon to 8 p.m.

This year’s activities include:

Trick-or-treating — Kids with or without costumes (and parents with or without kids even!) are invited to stroll around Bayside Theater and beyond for yummy treats from M&Ms and Junior Mints to Ring Pops, Jelly Belly Candy Octopus at SeaWorld SpooktacularCorn, Mentos, Starbursts, Smarties, Twizzlers, Black Forest Gummy Bears and AirHead Extremes! (The first two listed are chocolate which just might have to be eaten on property as not to melt. That’s the story I gave my son when I pinched them from his bag, anyway.)

SeaWorld Spooktacular hug sea princess and mermaidInsider tip: The main “entrance” to the Trick-Or-Treat area is just inside the park to the right, by the birds. That walkway is more heavily traveled
that first hour or two. If you walk around to the back of the park,
past Sharks, past Nautilus Theater, and around
near the
SEAGarden, you’ll have less traffic.

Penelope Party Zone at SeaWorld Spooktacular

Party — Down in the stage area of Bayside Theater is Penelope’s Party Zone. DJs spin kid-friendly tunes while colorful fish and PUMPKIN fish giggle and dance with the kiddos. Both Shamu and Daisy Dolphin are on-site for photos in their cool costumes. New this year is a free craft table sponsored by Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores where kids can make Penelope Party Zone craft at SeaWorld Spooktaculara foam witch on a broom. Or, if an edible craft is more up your alley, there’s apple and rice cereal treat decorating (for a nominal fee). We’re fans of the apple decorating! Thankfully they had plastic clamshells to bring home our creation. (Can you say “sugar overload”?!) Also in our party lineup is making a sand sculpture. Last year we made a fish and this year, in honor of the new TurtleTrek he made an adorable turtle. The sand activity is $10.

Virtual Costume Parade — While you’re near Penelpe’s Party Zone, look for the Photacular station between Bayside Theater and Wild Arctic. Show off your costume, and it might be part of a pre-show costume parade before the Shamu Rocks show!School of Fish teacher at SeaWorld Spooktacular

Underwater “Fantasea” — All along the watefront and around the park, you’re sure to run into spectacular characters like the school of fish teacher and her “students.” Play along with their games and shenanigans!

school of fish student Spooktacular SeaWorld 2012

Special Shows — In addition to the ever-popular Sesame Street Countdown to Halloween, street Longshoreman SeaWorldperformers also have some fun holiday entertainment up their sleeves. We’re partial to the Longshoremen, a Three Stooges-type live-action routine that, at this time of year, features PUMPKIN GUTS! Longshoremen SeaWorld 2012

Spooktacular is included in your regular SeaWorld admission ticket price. SEA you there!

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