Hello Fresh New Meal-Time Options!

I’m a foodie. I love cooking, and love trying new recipes. When I’m at a restaurant, I call it “adventure eating.” And now, I find I can “adventure eat” right at home. Easily!

shrimp chorizoHelloFresh is a subscription-based food delivery service that takes all the guess-work out of whipping up a new and interesting meal. It’s trying something new, without having to do all the work of research, shopping, measuring, and the like. Simply go to their website, pick out the type of box you want (Classic or Vegetarian) and a 3-meal ready-to-prepare kit will be delivered to your door full of excitement, and (best part) there’s NO need to figure out how to buy “a quarter bag of kale.” If your recipe calls for “a little,” then that’s what you get. (Is it just me, or do you loath buying a huge bag, box, portion of an ingredient when ya just need a handful, a quarter-cup, or EEK a dash?!) food box

I ordered the Classic box (although I’d LOVE to try the vegetarian box in the near as friend and fellow blogger Meg said it was yum). (Here’s her blog entry that details how, while it might not seem “frugal,” it can be.)

We decided to make the Shrimp & Chorizo Stew with Kale first. (My 6-year-old and I voted two to one against my non-shrimp-loving hubs. Sorry Babe.) My “tot chef” and I started by pulling out all the ingredients. He set to work on peeling the potato while I chopped the onions. Together we made short work of the creation which (to my husband’s delight) turned out delicious (and is a recipe we’ll be recreating again real soon)!

Next on our list that week was Chicken Polpetti, followed later in the week with Spicy Thai Beef with Coconut Rice. While usually a Thai fan, and while it looked gorgeous, it wasn’t my favorite (and the photo in the recipe card does NOT do it justice). My husband gave it a high 8, but I found the rice a bit too sweet from the coconut milk. Good news: We all tried something new, cooked together, enjoyed our time, and discussed “where Thai food comes from” (and as a homeschool family, this is good stuff!).

A beautiful bite of Spicy Thai Beef with Coconut Rice

A beautiful bite of Spicy Thai Beef with Coconut Rice

We enjoyed the process and the product. This is “right up our alley” because creating and eating food together is something we’ve done since our family was just the two of us, and has only increased since baby made three. We find it to be a creative outlet, AND it has helped us raise a kid who is not super picky. (He has his moments, but he’s generally open to trying new things.) While some families may find it impossible to believe a first-grader would enjoy dishes with kale and cilantro (among other more exotic ingredients), our son helped prepare the meals which makes it: A) a matter of pride to say it was good, LOL and B) transparent as far as “what’s in it.”

Adventure Eating is just a few clicks away from your table, if you’re willing to give HelloFresh a try. And, to make it a better deal, use code B5FFZT for $20 off your first order.*

Hello Fresh Code imageDisclosure: I received a free Classic 2-serving sized box for the purpose of this review. It won’t, however,  be the only box I get!  All opinions are my own. OK, that’s not exactly true. My 6-year-old had his say and has influenced me to say he had fun helping. And eating. (Except the spicy stuff. He vetoed that.) *When you get $20 off your next order, I get $20 off mine. Win/win!) Need more views & opinions before trying it out? Mosaic Reviews has lots to choose from. I say, give it a try if you like making great meals from tried-and-true recipes, but don’t have tons of time to create. Or shop.