Extreme Dinosaurs Museum for the Whole Family

Orlando and I-Drive welcomes visitors of all ages from around the world. Recently they welcomed some really old ones, millions of years old to be exact, to the new Extreme Dinosaurs: The Exhibition, next door to Titanic: The Exhibition (another in the Premier Exhibits family).

I had the opportunity of visiting right before they opened. Here’s a video.

As luck would have it, Spectrum News 13‘s Allison Walker Torres was there getting a sneak peek as well. My 10-year-old excitedly took on the role of junior docent and showed her around. Daniel gave her the tour and described various dinosaur facts, including the relatively recent notion that dinosaurs had feathers. He also shared how one dinosaur’s brain is the size of a walnut. Click the picture for the #doubletake gif in action.







We had a great time learning about dinosaurs from different eras, and reading all of the placards and displays.

Extreme Dinosaurs is part museum/part attraction. They have interesting, interactive and fun elements, and guests can expect to spend about two hours going through, if you stop and read all of the informational posters and signs, and visit the dino dig. 

We could’ve doubled that time estimation, because we are really into dinosaurs, and we are also big fans of going to museums. We read each and every informational display. Just want to see the dinos? That trip will be a lot shorter. Personally I recommend soaking in every detail, and “bone”-ing up on pre-historic history. Be sure to really look at the exceptional detail in the animatronic dinosaurs. World-renowned scientists collaborated on the designs and final creations.

Fossilized dino poop. No sh!t.

What’s really cool about the whole museum is that there are authentic artifacts, not just the beautifully made animatronics. Yes my son loves the blinking, snarling, moving gigantic dinosaurs, but was equally as fascinated with the real fossilized dinosaur poop and eggs. Visitors will find 6 large-scale skeletons of dinosaurs and over 16 real and replica fossils.

Note: Photos cannot be taken inside the attraction, however there is a green screen photo op when you first go in. Purchase of photo is not required nor is it part of your admission price.

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