Animal Cams at SeaWorld

Guess what I’m watching now?! If you guessed the penguins at Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins (even though I’m not at the park today), you’d be right!

AnimalVision in action!

AnimalVision in action!

SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment has launched “AnimalVision™” which you can view 24/7 at

Penguins can be seen as well as stingrays from Aquatica in San Antonio and sea turtles from SeaWorld San Diego’s Turtle Reef®.

“AnimalVision allows our guests and fans to deepen their connection with animals. For some guests, being able to see these remarkable animals at the park and then continuing that voyage of exploration at home serves as a reminder about the important role we all play in helping these animals. For those planning a park visit, seeing our animals up-close will get families excited about visiting in person,” said Anne Fischer, director of interactive marketing for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

I had so much fun watching the penguin-cam that was up (in partnership with Discovery Channel) for six weeks last year. (Fans—not just me!—spent 1.5 million hours watching the SeaWorld San Diego Penguin Encounter.

2013_11_08_Penguincam from SWThe new AnimalVision features:

  • Video web portal designed to be viewed from any computer, smartphone or tablet
  • The ability to take, share and save photos of their favorite video moment
  • Live Twitter feeds to share comments with other AnimalVision viewers and interactive “ask the experts” sessions with animal trainers and zoological staff
  • Education and conservation information and facts about each featured species
  • Downloadable games
  • Additional animal species will be showcased in the near future

I can predict a lot of hours will be spent logging onto these great animal cameras so I can watch my favorites when I’m not there in person!