Giraffe Feeding at Busch Gardens, Tampa #WorldGiraffeDay

Looking for a fantastic animal interaction? Look no further than Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay! We recently spent the day out on the Serengeti with an amazing tower of giraffes. (Did you know a herd of giraffes is called a “tower”?)

giraffe feeding busch gardens serengeti plainOur visit was in celebration of my husband’s birthday. We like to do experiences instead of buying gifts for one another, and this is one that’s been on our list for quite a while.

We booked our tour when we arrived at Busch Gardens at the Adventure Tour desk, next to the Kenya Kanteen, right before the Animal Care Center in Nairobi. We showed our annual passes for a discount and were pleased to hear the tours weren’t all filled for the day. (You can book online to ensure availability.) In a crazy twist of “birthday magic” we had a vehicle all to ourselves (though the tours before and after were both to capacity). It would have been fun, too, to be with other groups on the adventure, though! (I love seeing all the peoples’ expressions in animal interactions. Ha!)

Busch Gardens African Animals giraffe wide smFor the 30-minute off-road safari tour of the Serengeti plain, we boarded an open-air touring vehicle to trek across the 65-acre Serengeti Plain®. Along the way we saw (as pictured above:) Kudu, Eland, Giraffes, Rhinos and Zebras to name just a few.

We enjoyed taking our photo safari through the plain and excitedly pointed out the magnificent animals we passed. My 8-year-old didn’t even have time to ask what they were, as our expert guide filled us in on each of the species. I confess I loved every minute of it and was super excited to also get to the feeding the giraffes!

As we drove into the giraffe’s favorite hangout, we saw lots of long legs ambling our way. Giraffes sauntered up to our vehicle and not-too-shyly poked their heads up and over the rail. Our guide handed us lettuce and then it really got interesting!

Leaf after leaf was pleasantly taken from us by long purple tongues. Our family giggled and grinned when a huge head came in from one side, then bobbed out and popped in again on the other side. The tour photographer Brad captured every excited face and ear-to-ear grin, and we had our cameras snapping as well (and even got a few #giraffeselfies).Giraffe selfie

We took turns feeding them by ourselves. Then we posed with each of us holding a leaf. I don’t even remember running out of lettuce, as it was so fun being up close and personal with these “TOWERING” (I couldn’t help myself) animals.

While the experience is an add-on to your Busch Gardens ticket, I can assure you it’s one you don’t want to miss. Our memories of this day are priceless.

Today, June 20, is World Giraffe Day. It seemed like the perfect time to share our  adventure….

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