Photo Key at SeaWorld and Aquatica

PhotokeyThis weekend we’re doing a “two-for.” SeaWorld Spooktacular today, and Aquatica on Sunday. What with the gorgeous Orlando weather and all, indications point to a perfect weekend! One thing though: I’m usually taking pictures. Lots of ’em. I take them to chronicle wonderful memories with my friends and family. I take them to share on social media. I take them so relatives out of state can vicariously enjoy our visits. But… I take them. I’m not in a lot, because I’m behind the camera. Enter “The Photo Key.”

On my last visit I bought the new Photo Key, which replaces the Photo Pass of old (which I really enjoyed and doubted could be topped…) For a $99.99 you can buy an Annual PhotoKey pass for BOTH SeaWorld and Aquatica! (Single day passes are $59.99.) For a year from purchase, you get unlimited access to all of your digital photos (you can print them out anywhere from a drug store kiosk, at home, or use them on social media to your heart’s content).

Photos are taken by the staff photographers at key locations throughout the parks, including most roller coasters, Shark Encounter, Sky Tower, and more. I’m especially thrilled to have the Aquatica option, since it’s a bit tricky to take your own photo in the water, LOL. (And who wants to lug around a camera all day in your bathing suit?!)

Today I plan on stopping by many a photo photographer. My husband and I are dressed as Longshoremen, and our son is a police officer. Good times. And now, good times remembered digitally.

Here’s some more info from SeaWorld:

PhotoKey is available for purchase at several stations inside the park or you can purchase PhotoKey prior to arriving at the park at Take advantage of PhotoKey opportunities during your next family vacation and unlock a world of memories.

PhotoKey benefits:

  • Unlimited Access – All photos can be viewed, shared and downloaded at any park PhotoKey location, on the PhotoKey mobile app or on the PhotoKey website.
  • Save on Purchases – Receive discounts on in-park photo products that are available at any photo location.
  • Professional Photographers – Take advantage of professional photographers roaming the park to capture your family memories.
  • Keepsakes – Photos can be customized into various keepsakes through exclusive access to the PhotoKey website  Receive a free $10 online credit toward any customized PhotoKey product and unlimited $5 individual prints while PhotoKey pass is valid.


7 thoughts on “Photo Key at SeaWorld and Aquatica

  1. We had our pictures taken at aquatica and we wee given wrist bands to take to the photoshop however we didn’t get there before it closed. How do we out the barcode in and review our pictures?

    • HI Denice. They keep them on file for a couple of days at least. Will you be going back any time soon? I’ve actually phoned the parks and asked for the photo department where they’ve been able to add them to my photo key. I hope they still have them on file for you! 🙂

  2. Do you know what rides are included at Aquatica it list Seaworld’s but not the ones at the waterpark. Thank you

    • Hi Marley. The Photo Key is good at any spot at Aquatica where they have photographers. We like using it for Roa’s Rapids, but there are photographers at the entrance when you come in, and at various locations around the park. They kind of move around, so with the Key, you can just ask them to take your photo and it’ll be added! 🙂

      • Thank you do you know if there will be a photo taken on the new slide Ihu’s I think that’s how it is spelled.

  3. I didn’t even know of a photo key or a photo pass when we visited! Thanks for mentioning that! I will pin your post to my Orlando, FL board, because I want to remember to consider that option when we go again!

    • Thanks! It’s a great option, especially if you’re doing the dolphin feeding, or visiting during the holidays (it’s MAGICAL at the holidays!). For me the bonus was having Aquatica, too. I have a waterproof camera, but who wants to lug it around all day! Hope to see you at SeaWorld soon!

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