Titanic Fashion Show Highlights IADT Students’ Talent

Best Interpretation of Theme winners Uliana Urubzhilova & Norelis Arroyo

Best Interpretation of Theme winners Uliana Urubzhilova & Norelis Arroyo

Students from International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT) were featured in a “Project Runway”-style event November 6, 2013 at Titanic The Experience on International Drive. The “fashion show 101 years in the making” showcased designs constructed throughout the past semester as part of a challenge: craft one garment, inspired by the Edwardian-style popular in the early 1900s when White Star Line’s R.M.S Titanic set sail bound for New York.

Three top awards were given.

Best Interpretation of Theme: Uliana Urubzhilova & Norelis Arroyo
Best Garment Contruction: Kimaya McPhersonMost Innovative Design: Carla Weaver

More than a dozen period-inspired looks competed, with the museum’s Grand Staircase as a dramatic backdrop. Gorgeous silhouettes descended the stairs, many with exceptional attention to detail.
Winner for Most Innovative Design: Carla Weaver

Carla Weaver, designer

Carla Weaver, winner of Most Innovative Design, created a black v-necked evening gown with a mirror of the V in the slit detail in the front of the dress, as well as a modestly-cut V for the back neckline. Beaded heavy lace overlaid the satin-lining, with a high empire waist cinched in with a satin sash. Styling included white opera gloves, peacock feathers in the model’s hair, and (a nod to Titanic, the movie) a Heart of the Ocean-inspired necklace and earrings.

For Best Interpretation of Theme, Uliana Urubzhilova and Norelis Arroyo combined efforts to design a mermaid silhouette. Golden satin fabric created the flowing skirt and strapless underlay. Drama was then infused with a black bodice, constructed of an organza-type fabric with shimmering jade and royal blue geometric detail, reminiscent of feathers. Softly elegant asymmetry on the neckline was accentuated with beaded trim and scalloped draping over one shoulder.
The ocean-inspired gown created by Kimaya McPherson won for Best Garment Construction. The fitted drop-waist design featured a subtly-geometric gold and ocean blue fabric and had a full ruffled skirt mimicking rolling waves using the same color palate with shimmering material. A beaded wave detail curved from the neckline up one shoulder for a showstopping detail.
L to R: J from J's Everyday Fashion; Coco Mayer, Creative Entertainment; Allison Walker, Central Florida News 13; Caty Mill, Premier Exhibitions

J, of J’s Everyday Fashion, hosted (at left) and encouraged contestants along with judges for the Titanic Fashion Show: Coco Mayer, Creative Entertainment, Allison Walker, Central Florida News 13, and Caty Mills, Premier Exhibitions.

The designers are all either current or recent graduates of one of the Fashion Design programs at IADT, Orlando.All of the entries showed great creativity with an eye for beauty and a nod to history.

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