Last Weekend For Spooktacular

A DOG fish at SeaWorld Spooktacular

It’s a RUFF life! LOL Fun Dogfish at SeaWorld Spooktacular

I can’t wait for tomorrow! We’ll be at SeaWorld Orlando for Spooktacular… the last weekend of the year!

New to this year is Penelope’s Party Zone. It’s a fun nighttime event that is included with admission each weekend evening. (It’s the reason I LOVE getting annual passes at SeaWorld… all this fun is part of it).

I’m especially excited to see Kristen Cumings, the JellyBelly® artist in residence who will be making a rockhopper penguin portrait during this final weekend. Her mural will be made with more than 10,000 JellyBelly jelly beans! Kids will be able to create their own Spooktacular Jelly Belly artwork, too! Sounds beautiful. (And delicious if I sneak a few… which I will!)

See you and all my silly and spooky fun friends this weekend!

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