SeaWorld Mommy v Central Florida Top 5 to Benefit GKTW

It’s on!

GKTW Village charity Orlando

Cleaning is hungry work. I had to stop for a snack. Yes, delicious. The round shape of the cookies reminds me of pancakes!

I first started working with Give Kids the World Village as part of a volunteer day to honor the life and legacy of Dawn Brancheau. Many runners and walkers (and volunteers like me) went to SeaWorld to participate in the Dream Big 5K, then afterward drove to Give Kids the World to clean the villas. It was a great experience and I enjoyed working side-by-side with people who enjoy making a difference!

That was a couple of years ago, and I continue to do my small part to help Give Kids the World by cleaning and eating ice cream (yes, some of the work is soooo hard!), and now eating pancakes, too!

Saturday, September 15 over 400 Perkins Restaurant and Bakery locations nationwide are giving out a free short stack of their yummy buttermilk pancakes to visitors for Give Kids The World Pancake Day. In return, Perkins will ask their guests to consider making a donation to GKTW, although there is no obligation.

Donations from the event will help provide meals served at Gingerbread House Restaurant inside the Village, where Perkins has provided more than 4 million meals for wish families.

GKTW Perkins Gingerbread

Details of gingerbread men and women inside Gingerbread House at Give Kids the World Village.

I’ll be at the Perkins on located at 6813 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819 at 8 a.m. for my stack! Guess who will be there with me? Brian from Central Florida Top 5! We’re going head to head, er, pancake to pancake, in a contest to see which one of us can get the most people participating in this worthwhile event.

Why should you join us? Well for starters, free delicious fluffy mouth-watering pancakes (OK, I’m hungry now!). In addition, the first 25 followers at the location to post on Twitter or friends who post on FaceBook will also receive a complimentary gift card*. It’ll be a pancake party! With all that love flowing, not to mention pancake syrup, it’s my hope that happy bellies will translate into generous support of GKTW.

Last year, Perkins was able to raise almost $150,000 at Give Kids the World Pancake Day.  I say we can top that record. And I can top my pancakes with more butter and syrup AND I can get more supporters there than Central Florida Top 5.

C’mon Friends. Help me bring it! And bring your appetite while you’re at it!

*Rules for one of the 25 Gift cards (must be present at location to be eligible):
FaceBook: Tag the pages of GKTW, Perkins, and SeaWorld Mommy in your status update
Twitter: Mention @GKTWVillage and @EatAtPerkins and @SeaWorldMommy in a Tweet

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