Ice Cream For Breakfast to Benefit Give Kids the World Village

I was first introduced to Give Kids the World Village firsthand at the Dawn Brancheau Foundation Dream Big 5K at SeaWorld, Orlando, in April 2011. After volunteering at the run, some of the attendees went to do additional community service to continue Dawn’s dream “to find a way to make a difference.” I signed on to help clean villas.

One of the “Storybook” buildings at GKTW Village. Can you guess what’s served here?!

Give Kids the World Village, located in Kissimmee, FL, is a 70-acre “storybook” resort. The non-profit organization provides free vacation experiences for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. From the moment you enter the gates, you can tell the place is designed with kids in mind! There’s no doubt it will be a trip they will never forget.

As we cleaned the villas, we discussed GKTW . One of Dawn’s sisters shared that a child she sponsored talked non-stop of the amazing time he and his family had there. “What was your favorite thing?” she queried. “Ice cram for breakfast every day!,” he said with a huge grin on his face! It seems a lot of these kids remember this special treat most of all!

In the spirit of that joy, an ice cream social is held every year as a fundraiser. Our family had no problem getting on board with that kind of fun (and for that great an organization!).

The weekend of July 13th-15th, people gathered to celebrate Global Ice Cream For Breakfast Weekend. We did our small part by hosting a “social” to raise funds and to increase awareness for Give Kids The World Village.

Our happy little group included 5 parents and about a dozen children. Thanks to an incredible donation by the Jamestown Publix Supermarket, the sundaes were piled HIGH with syrups and sprinkles, cherries and chocolate. They even pitched in with some festive balloons. The kids loved having ice cream for breakfast and learned about the work done for families all over the world through the village.

It’s not too late to donate. Click here to visit my First Giving page for GKTW village.

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