Free FaceBook Timeline Photos Taken at Busch Gardens

Whether we like it or not, FaceBook is changing to Timeline over the next few weeks. I, for one, am ready to be ahead of the curve with some photos for the “new view.”

Please feel free to download these pictures for use on your FaceBook page without alteration. All I ask is for a “like” on my SeaWorld Mommy page and/or Twitter (@seaworldmommy) and that you make a comment about something you like on one of the blog entries (maybe this one?!) here or at my sister site SeaAttract.

To use the photos, click on an image. When it opens in your browser window, right click on it and select “save image as.” Save it to your photos folder, then in FaceBook, upload it to your timeline photos folder.

If you really enjoy these, consider a donation to the Conservation Fund for SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. Together we can make a difference!

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