Renaissance Hotel at SeaWorld

Whether you’re in Orlando for a family vacation to SeaWorld, or in need of a conference venue (or if you’re looking for both in the same place), consider the Renaissance Hotel at SeaWorld.

When you walk in the door you’re immediately welcomed by the sights and sounds of the seas. (And a complementary glass of champagne, too.) It’s an open atrium with tranquil sounds and gorgeous views of a waterfall, large-screen “views into the oceans,” and colorful decor that evokes a Florida vibe.

Guest rooms range from family-sized rooms overlooking the atrium, to enormous suites with SeaWorld views.

Conference guests report attentive customer service and good food. Those with families were happy to learn how many activities were available hotel-wide, especially the pools and new splash area with Aquatica-worthy slides. Our family zigged, zagged, and splashed our way down each slide and in each water-gun zone. We’ve always loved the large pool, kiddie pool, and hot tubs, but the R Aqua Zone was a great surprise and welcome addition!

While I didn’t get to sample the spa services, I did interview Mary Anne from the Seattle area who said it was downright dreamy. She enjoyed the 1-hour massage, a pomegranate treatment, and a “cooling foot masque” that she continued to enjoy an hour later. “It was all quite relaxing,” she reports.

I did my relaxation by the pools and in the hot tubs, but when conference work was done, our family enjoyed one of the nice “Partner Hotel” perks, SeaWorld Quick Queue Passes. Yes, we enjoy SeaWorld a LOT as pass holders, but we rarely get the treat of front-of-the-line access and unlimited Sky Tower and Flamingo Paddle Boats. I can only imagine how great that is for out-of-towners who only have a single day to take in all of SeaWorld.

Click on the photo below to see my quick tour of the Renaissance Hotel.

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