Pets… Ahoy There! at SeaWorld

You’ve got to love the pet show, Pets Ahoy, at SeaWorld! Where else can you see a trained rat scurry to his mark, a skunk amble across the stage on cue, and a host of other critters and creatures make you smile as they jump, jiggle, fly, rock, and roll?

Even though we’ve seen this show conservatively 50 times in the last 4 years, we’re still tickled by the routines. I especially enjoy the dog who “steals” the treat from the veterinarian who’s brought him along for her lunchtime picnic. She sits down, hitches the cutie patootie dog to a post, sets out a snack, then proceeds to read the paper. While she’s not watching the dog, he slips from his collar and wolfs down the goodie. At one point (after she sets out another treat–assuming it fell or something) she gets wise to his big-eyed ways. “The gig is up buster,” she seems to think as she looks suspiciously at the pilfering pooch. In comedy-duo fashion, their heads synchronously look to one side.

Spice enjoys sneaking a treat!

What?! Did someone over there steal that?

My preschooler (ugg! I can’t say toddler anymore!) laughs each and every time, even knowing what the dog is up to. He anticipates the “who me?” moment, and giggles with delight as  he gets away with the BIG treat at the end, the vet making chase.

We’re also pretty impressed with the dog who jumps rope, and the cat who weaves in and out of the trainer’s legs. (Although I know, from experience with one of my cats in the past, that they (meaning cats) only do tricks if they feel like it. My Sonny would weave in and out of my legs and people all thought I taught him. It was actually the other way around! It was the same with my cat who rolled over when given the hand signal. OK, I coaxed him a little with a clicker and peanut butter, but Sebastian didn’t do ANYthing he wasn’t darn well ready/willing to do! Have you ever known a cat who didn’t?

Our family loves animals (even though my allergies don’t). Still, because of the time, talents, love and encouragement of the trainers we get to enjoy some talented, sweet, adorable furry (and feathered, and hairy) friends at the village.

SeaWorld is an adventure park. And a marine conservation park. But it, too, is an amusement park. I know I am amused when the pig runs across the stage, sticking his head into the archway as a banner falls across his curly-tailed bottom… “The End.”

How coincidental. This is The End of today’s blog…


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